Solar street lights - Margadeep

Ready-to-install lighting kits for outdoor application.

The systems are easy to install, needing no special skills, tools or expertise.They provide a steady source of power in areas where alternate sources of power are unreliable, unobtainable or impracticable. Being independent of the mains the systems need no costly wiring or cables. In addition, they also save on costly transmission losses.

FEATURESsolar street light

  • Bright lights
  • 3/5 no-sun days autonomy
  • Auto-on/off
  • Special solar PV batteries
  • Integrated design
  • Unique total system warranty


The system find application in street lighting, yard and security lighting and even in lighting of housing colonies.


Features Margadeep Version 3 Margadeep Version 6
Lights CFL 11 2 x CFL 11
Lights flux 900 Lumens 1800 Lumens
Design hours* per night Dusk to dawn Dusk to dawn
Solar module 2 x TBP 1235 or TBP 1270 3 x TBP 1240 or TBP 1255

* Assuming solar insolation of 5.1 KWhr/sq.m


All systems are supplied with lights, poles, modules, batteries, control electronics, interconnects and user manual.