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Jugnu Mini Lite Kit

Jugnu Mini Lite KitCopying with frequent power cuts. Holidaying in remote farmhouses. Visiting villages where electricity is not all that it should be. Camping out in the jungle. Trekking... wherever you are, Tata BP Solar will help brighten your world. With the new Jugnu Mini Lite. For the first time in India - a portable Solar Powered Lighting System that gives you 2 hours of bright light everyday, wherever you want it, wherever you want it! It is designed to give you system autonomy for three "no sunshine" days! Efficient, effective and environment-friendly, the Jugnu Mini Lite is powered by solar energy. So you don't have to worry about electricity bills or the escalating costs of fuel! No concerns about damaging the environment too! For your convenience, the Jugnu Mini Lite is supplied as a complete kit comprising high quality Luminaries with a fluorescent night-glow switch, a Solar Charge Controller, a compact Solar Module, a specially designed Battery and aesthetic cabling to blend with any decor. The ready to use package makes it easy to install, operate and maintain.


Kit Size : 640 x 270 x 95mm, Weight : 4.5 kgs

Battery Size : 280 x 170 x 250mm, Weight : 4.6 kgs

Tatadeep Solar Lanterns

Over the years, more than 30,000 Lanterns have been supplied to various NGOs, nobal agencies and individual customers. Compact, portable and light-weight, these Solar Lanterns provide bright omni-directional light for 3 continuous hours on single charge. Tatadeep Solar Lanterns