Solar Garden Light - Udyandeep

With the  ready-to-install, automatic Solar Garden Lighting Systems, the sun's rays illuminate the world even during the nights.

The Solar Garden Lighting System is an innovative lighting system based on the principle of conversion of solar energy into DC electricity.

Solar garden lighting systemTHE WORKING

The energy radiated by the sun is converted to DC power by the adjustable solar panel mounted on the top of an elegant pole. This power is stored in the battery housed in the battery box and powers the garden light during the night.

The light automatically switches on at dusk and continues for a preset time, depending on the configuration of the system. (i.e., six hours for 4 luminaire system and 4 hours for 6 luminaire system).


  • Attractively designed, compact, portable and light weight luminaries.
  • Automatically switches on at dusk.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple operation
    Operation Time: 6 Hrs for 4 luminaire systems and 4 Hrs for 6 luminaire system


Solar module : Monocrystalline high power (12V, 75 Wp)
Battery : High reliability lead acid battery specifically designed for photovoltaic applications
Electronics : Solid state electronic control to regulate the automatic charging of battery and to automatically switch on the light at dusk.
Mounting Type : Suitable for 1 1/2" diameter PVC pipe
Dimensions : 280mm width x 280mm breadth
250mm height (overall size excluding mounting pipe)