Solar Educational Kit
Understanding Solar Energy

Today, lessons on solar energy and its applications are a part of text books for students in schools and at pre-university and college levels. The Solar Educational Kit works as a live demonstration unit that supports the theory in manner that engages the attention of students.

The educational kit comprises:

Solar Educational Kit.Solar Module
The solar module used in this kit is formed out of a single silicon solar cell. The module can provide power upto 1 watt.

Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Battery
The nickel cadmium battery cells, connected in series store the electricity generated by the solar cells so that the loads can be used even while the module is unexposed to light.

Voltmeter and Ammeter
The voltmeter and the ammeter measure the voltage and current respectively, during various modes of operation.

The potentiometer plays the part of a variable resistor during the operation.

Optional Items
2 Band Transistor, LCD Calculator, Quartz Alarm Clock, Musical Bell, Compact Torch.

Product Features

  • Compact Polypropylene case
  • Simple operations
  • Easy to understand study notes
  • Dimensions 322 x 244 x 55mm (l x b x h)
  • Portable and light weight
  • Rugged and weather proof
  • Exhaustive user manual
  • Weight 2.25 Kgs

Modes of operation

The system has two modes of operation which can be altered easily by the switches provided.

Module Characteristic Mode
In this mode, the student can study the electrical characteristics of the solar module.

Solar PV System Mode
In the Solar PV system mode the student gets an insight into the application of photovoltaics.

Typical Applications

The solar educational kit is specially designed for schools, polytechnics, colleges and industrial training institutes. The kit can be used to perform experiments like study of the photovoltaic module characteristics by plotting the I-V curve and demonstration of working of load equipment on solar energy.

The educational kit is an ideal tool for making young minds aware of the various aspects of an energy that is bound to touch our lives more closely in the times to come.