Solar Cooker

Another innovative offering from India's largest Solar Company!

As the rates of LPG Cylinders hit the roof and as conventional cooking fuels become scarce and do considerable damage to the environment, the demand for an alternative, environment-friendly cooking fuel increases. Meeting this demand is the unique Eco-Chef Solar Cooker.

Eco-Chef uses Solar Power to help you cook up a meal. The perfect answer for kitchens, homes, farmhouses, guest houses, camp sites, military cantonments and picnic groups. Eco-Chef makes sound ecological sense and great economical sense too!

You can use your regular pressure cooker, kadai, tawa, pans and other utensils to cook rice, dal, vegetables and non-vegetarian dishes in the Eco-Chef. You can even roast chappatis, boil eggs and heat water with the Eco-Chef.

100% Safe. 100% Effective. 100% Economical. And 100% Environment-friendly.

Eco-Chef is 100% convenient!

Technical Specifications
  • High reflecting Parabolic Surface
  • Reflector adopts short focal distance and long tracking intervals (1 hour)
  • Multiple point focus on the cooking platform
  • 12 litres capacity (280mm pot diameter)
  • 1.4m diameter, 14 Kgs total weight
  • Light, convenient to use and easy to track

Solar power egg incubator
The Solar Powered Egg Incubator from Tata BP Solar, in association with ECoSTAT, UK, is a product with far-reaching economic and social benefits.