World Class Bus Shelters

On the busy, crowed roads of our cities, let Company create an island of comfort. With Navyug, the new, first-of-its-kind solar powered Bus Shelter, from Tata BP Solar. Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, Navyug comes with large Translites which can be used to advertise your products and services. The Translites will be illuminated for four hour every day.

NAVYUG : World Class Bus Shelters.Designed to feel at home, anywhere in the world, the environment-friendly Solar Powered Bus Shelter will speak volumes about your Company. Portraying it as a modern, world-class company. One that cares about the environment as well as the commuters.

Futuristic Features

Navyug comes in modular design. Additional features can be added on without taking away from its distinct identity. The design also facilitates quick and easy transport, assembly and installation.

Senior citizen. Women carrying babies. Children with heavy school bags... Imagine their discomfort as they have to stand for long, tiring minutes, waiting for their bus to arrive. Navyug makes that a thing of the past. Comfortable seating cleverly camouflages the batteries inside it!

There is a bright light above the seating area which will switch on automatically at dusk and switch of at dawn.

With such a good looking, light-weight and easily-transportable Bus Shelter, security concerns are quit valid. The good news is that the design in pilfer-resistant. As are the advertising panels.

Aesthetic Design
Bright, attractive colours that aid visibility, from the perfect backdrop for your brand. The large, well-lit panel will show of your products and services to advantage. These panels will be automatically illuminated at dusk and will be switched off after four hours.

The wires and battery placement have been thoughtfully incorporated into the design. They are hidden from the commuters but easily accessible to the service staff.

The materials used in the Solar Powered Bus Shelter are maintenance-free and durable. You can be assured that Navyug will keep looking as good as new, year after year.

For the convenience of commuters, Navyug has a large, well-lit space where the Route Map and Route Numbers with Timing will be provided. There is provision also for add-ons like a Telephone Kiosk, a Vending Kiosk, Dust Bins, etc.